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Youth Work

AFD Supplementary School

We run Saturday classes and homework support for children and young people aged between 5 and 16 year-old. We provide a safe and supportive learning environment and students are given extra tuition in Maths, Science and English by qualified teachers with a combination of peer and parents volunteers.


Classes are held on Saturdays between 10am and 3pm at the Froud Community Centre, 1 Toronto Avenue, Manor Park E12 5JF


Mentoring Programme

This programme focuses on helping young people aged to build their confidence and skills and to move to further education, training and employment. The programme also helps young people to stay or get back to mainstream education.


AFD runs weekly drop-in mentoring sessions for young people mainly aged 14-18. These sessions include one-to-one support and guidance, referrals, advocacy and group discussions on education and other issues affecting their lives. This includes help with planning for continued learning after leaving school, extra support to children newly arrived in Britain, engaging in learning those not in mainstream education and helping children access other community activities.


Sports Club

AFD runs sporting activities including football, basket-ball, snooker and table tennis as well as a computer space for local children and young people from different backgrounds.


The club is not only a positive distraction for keeping children healthy and off the streets but also an opportunity which helps them increase confidence and interaction, particularly for those newly arrived in the UK. Children and young people are able to enjoy themselves and develop sporting talents and teamwork skills.


Youth Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Workshops

drinks & snacks provided FREE

reasonable transport expenses reimbursed



Workshops run by professionals for young people aged 14-19 years

Discussions/focus groups to share their views and experience

Referrals to local drugs and alcohol service providers for those who have drug or alcohol problems.


Youth Awards

AFD runs an achievement award programme developed and funded by Jack Petchey Foundation. The programme awards young people aged 11-25 for their contribution to the youth activities. The winners are selected and chosen by other young people involved in the project.


Community work


Information, Advice and Guidance

The service covers education, training and employment.

We provide the following services:

Ø Information on available courses, training and local services

Ø Advice and guidance on how to access training and employment

Ø job search, writing CVs and letters, filling forms

Ø Making telephone enquiries on behalf of service users

Ø Translating overseas qualifications into the British equivalent

Ø Translation and interpretation service in French, Swahili, Lingala and Kikongo

Ø Referrals and signposting to specialised agencies/organisations dealing with immigration, welfare rights, housing, health and other issues.



Education and Training

This programme aims to increase the awareness of information technology among African people and to help increase their confidence and knowledge to progress towards further education and/or employment. We mainly target adults who – for a variety of reasons such as poor educational background, cultural and language barriers or lone parenting – have found it hard to access further education and work.


We offer:

Ø Free basic IT/computer training in small groups or one-to-one at flexible times, if relevant in community languages

Ø Free adults numeracy and literacy classes

Ø Free internet access and workstation facilities

Ø Help with writing CVs, jobsearch and filling in job applications

Ø Referrals to ESOL/IT and other training providers and learning centres.



Volunteering Programme

AFD encourages members of the community to offer their time as a volunteer on any of our activities and either to give something back to their community or to gain skills and valuable experience as well as references for future paid work and perhaps even a new career.


The organisation largely relies on volunteers to run its projects and activities. The work of the organisation would be significantly curtailed if it wasn’t for the valuable time and energy that the volunteers provide. AFD recruits and supports volunteers from different age range including young people waiting to go to university or over 16 who previously attended our tuition programme and want to provide learning support to their young fellows.