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Our Projects

Our community-based initiatives empower marginalised and disadvantaged communities in Africa to overcome poverty, social injustice and barriers to education.

Help for orphans and vulnerable children

Through our local partners, we run programmes for orphans and vulnerable children including street children. This includes providing shelter, food, recreational activities, socio-cutural and sporting events, formal education and financial support for uniforms, school kits and fees. AFD also provides sports equipment and helps run a centre in Kinshasa where street children and orphans as result of war, AIDS, family separation or witchcraft accusation are supported and helped to integrate into society and to get to education and/or vocational training.

Training programmes

The partnership between AFD and Alliance des Jeunes Chretiens Evangelaires supports the training of adults and young people on computer skills and other valuable life skills for employment.

Teachers training and child rights awareness programme

Through our local partners, AFD provides training course to teachers and teaching assistants of rural secondary schools and community workers in Pool region, southern region in the Republic of Congo.

The training focuses on an adaptation of the accelerated secondary education programme. Teachers and teaching assistants benefit from ongoing training in teaching methodology, gender relations and psychology to enable them to better understand needs and rights of marginalised pupils, particularly girls.

Community workers undertake a tailored training enabling enable them to raise public awareness of the lack of education, children's rights and the importance of education of girls. They work closely with rural families including running workshops to persuade them about allowing their children to attend secondary education even though schools are miles away from the village.

This programme is currently funded by The Waterloo Foundation


Provision of school furnitures and educational resources to rural primary schools in remote areas

This programme is currently funded by The Allen & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust


Where we work

Our projects are mainly concentrated in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and in Republic of Congo, based in Brazzaville, Southern region of Pool and in Northern rural districts of Igné and Makoua. AFD works mainly through a range of community-based organisations including youth, local and women groups.

Currently, we work with NayyaSport Association based in Kinshasa (DRC). We also work with the following local partners based in Republic of Congo: l'Espace des Jeunes pour le Développement de Makoua (EJDM),FD "le Restaurateur, le Réparateur", Association pour la Construction des Infrastructures Rurales (ACIR), Alliance des Jeunes Chretiens Evangelaires and Orphelinat Perpetuel Secours.